Thermal imaging inspections are the most effective successful leading predictive maintenance available in the electrical industry. Planned and periodic thermal imaging inspections have identified many hazardous faults that could have caused fatal damage.

The majority of electrical issues that ScanPro has located during our inspections show no visual signs of wear and tear, no visual signs of melting or disfiguring and no clear signs of corrosion. Infrared thermal imaging is capable of identifying all these issues before the final stages of material breakdown. This is why thermal imaging cameras are such a popular tool to use to combat electrical threats and fire within homes or workplace. The use of infrared thermal imaging allows us to give our clients the peace of mind that we have completely removed the risk of fire, break down or loss of production that may occur within their business or workplace.

After ScanPro have performed a scan, a report is created listing any threats from highest to lowest and how one may approach to repair it. A pdf report will be provided upon completion of ScanPro’s inspections.

Insurance Company assessments and Workplace health and safety regulations are two of the most popular reasons an infrared thermal imaging scan my be undertaken. It is the responsibility of all business owners to make sure their work environment is safe. If there are concerns over a potentially dangerous electrical board a scan could help to reveal if there are any underlining issues that may need to be addressed. Having an annual or biannual scan can also help to reduce the cost of insurance policies.

ScanPro conducts thermal surveys across most parts of Australia.

ScanPro can carry out thermal imaging works on:

  • Switchboards contained throughout shopping centers
  • Electrical switchboards installed throughout hospital and medical centers
  • Government building distribution switchboards
  • Correctional facilities
  • Schools, public and private and training facilities
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • High rise buildings, both residential and commercial
  • Aged care and retirement villages
  • Airport terminals
  • Main roads and motorway network supply
  • Manufacturing and industrial facilities

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