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The cost of carrying out a thermal imaging scan is small in comparison to the results & benefits it can achieve. Infrared thermal imaging results can lead to huge savings for utilities, insurers, building contractors, business and home owners.

ScanPro’s team hold a diverse range of skills in the electrical and construction industries. All of our field operators are at least level 1 infrared trained certificate holders and licensed electricians. ScanPro have a strong approach to safety and continued training and investment in ever changing technologies associated within our field.

ScanPro can carry out thermal imaging works on:

  • Switchboards contained throughout shopping centers
  • Electrical switchboards installed throughout hospital and medical centers
  • Government building distribution switchboards
  • Correctional facilities
  • Schools, public and private and training facilities
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • High rise buildings, both residential and commercial
  • Aged care and retirement villages
  • Airport terminals
  • Main roads and motorway network supply
  • Manufacturing and industrial facilities

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