ScanPro are capable of locating faults in Photovoltaic arrays of any size from small domestic to large scale solar farms without affecting business operations or any shutdown required.

TI-Solar_ScanIt is almost impossible to inspect most PV arrays already mounted on a roof using thermal imaging. Without using the correct angles during inspections one will not be able to achieve accurate and clear results. ScanPro conducts a mixture of ground based infrared thermal imaging and UAV drone surveys. The use of UAV’s during inspections allows us to position the thermal imaging camera at the correct angle to the glass surface for accurate results. It also allows us to cover more area and remain in a safe position. We have found this approach to be a very effective way of identifying issues that may exist.

A thermal imaging scan can be conducted with ease and locate any faulty panels amongst many that may exist. ScanPro’s reports can be used for insurance purposes, maintenance contracts or presented to the panel manufacturer. We also provide inspections to engineers as a third party reporting method upon commissioning.

PV Solar is overall a very reliable, effective and trustworthy way of producing electricity. It does have some downsides and can be dangerous. It is also very common for owners of PV arrays to have them installed and then be unaware of potential hazards associated with ownership and neglect maintenance. ScanPro’s thermal imaging scan along with a full visual inspection will reduce any potential threats and keep performance on track. We have already supplied our consultation and inspection services to clients in government, insurance and local council with great results.

ScanPro has been a proud member of the Clean Energy Council since 2013. We joined to be amongst many reputable Australian companies focused on a healthy renewable energy future. We believe that our services will continue to grow strong and hold significant value for the Australian PV solar industry. We are committed to providing quality niche services and help create a healthy attitude to the use of renewable energy technologies through our open accurate inspections and reporting nationwide.

We can locate:

  • Interconnection issues
  • Hotspots
  • Micro cracking
  • Faulty bypass diodes
  • Reverse polarity
  • Complete panel failure
  • Soldered connection failures
  • Pollution and mould build up
  • Potential damage after storms
  • Defective Cells

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