Photovoltaic solar modules (solar panels) performance, quality and reliability has unusually attracted strong consistent scrutiny by the media, naysayers and end-user consumers since the rise in renewables began over 10 years ago. We are not sure what invoked such a targeted campaign to assess and converse over solar modules more thoroughly? But, there are some relevant questions presented and many irrelevant questions that get asked by the mass market that appear to keep this topic flowing at a healthy pace.

Value delivered

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    Reduce manpower

    ScanPro identified 60% more faults then O&M ground crews can achieve. This value is performed at a lower cost, with higher accuracy then all “boots on the ground” methods can provide.

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    Critical Performance

    Critical performance data captured and delivered within 14 days of site assessment.

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    Identify Problems

    A fusion of visual mapping and geo-referenced string and tracker numbering allows repair teams to easily identify problem areas.

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    Australia Wide

    Over 95% of Australia’s utility scale PV sites can benefit from ScanPro’s aerial thermographic data.

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    Save money

    The additional energy yields gained through an aerial IR assessment will cover the cost to provide the service. This should be comfortably recouped within 3 months of an optimized asset.

The rise and strength of Chinese manufacturing is one of the concerns in this field. ScanPro has found that the top-end of Chinese manufacturers are delivering very good, almost flawless products that the west has been unable to replicate. Although the Chinese have not been without their challenges. Both PV technology and manufacturing techniques have evolved at light speed and it has been a difficult time to digest all the progress. All of these changes come at a cost.

The bankability and ROI of which brand or model to invest in appears to be a much stronger topic over quality, and we feel that this is true, but, this still holds many unanswered questions. The vast majority of ScanPro’s in-field testing is revealing that environmental influences are having a much greater impact on the product and the materials used over brand used. The Australian climate experiences extreme changes in temperature and atmospheric shifts pushing the operating parameters of materials used by manufacturers to the very edge. A lot of the materials that make up a solar panel are not made by the OEM, they are made by separate specialist companies. Obtaining vast amounts of identical quality products could be the issue for the industry?

It is no secret in the solar industry that a defect of a known origin or brand that continues to suffer repetitive failure will generally trigger strong investigations, data gathering and potential media scrutiny. In the interest of maintaining a good industry reputation it’s important that we continue to practice these observations. Vast amounts of money is being invested into large scale projects with some being built on the roofs of expense infrastructure, homes and in environments where failure has great consequences. The solar industry can not afford to progress by learning from mistakes alone.

ScanPro is invested in suppling a solution to manage these situations. We deliver answers into the level of threat presented, quality received and track the degradation ensuring it mimics the anticipated performance output of the system installed. This information can greatly help to strengthen our power grid and extract the most out of the initial investment, avoiding expensive re-powering practices. Testing is a pathway to industry resilience.

The source of Australia’s future power generation is from the sun. We need to be reassured that the immense amount of energy we endeavour to extract from this resource is stable, reliable and cost effective. And we need to know that this technology will not turn against our ambitions or negatively dismantle consumer or investor faith in it as some of our alternatives to power generation have a much more sinister consequence.

ScanPro’s reports have the ability to identify:

  • Damage sustained during poor construction practices
  • Trucking, train or shipping damage – We have the capacity to monitor and locate all logistical born damage
  • New shipment arrivals – Batch testing
  • Quality control and quality assurance measures
  • Defects liability period testing
  • PV module warranty claims
  • Performance modelling
  • Mapping degradation in silicone cells and system output
  • Resolve disputes and disagreements with clear and concise independent 3rd party findings

Value our In-field Photovoltaic Solar Module Testing delivers to our clients:

  • Successful claims
  • Improve the solar industries supply and installation practices
  • Compliance to OEM warranty test parameters
  • Independent 3rd party voice
  • Our reports supply clarity and understanding into the cause and outcome
  • Detailed quality reports that meet all aspects of IEC specifications
  • Positive outcomes for our clients that builds reassurance in the asset
  • Address commercial disagreements with the use of quality data and findings
  • Compliant work that meets contractural obligations
  • A solution to answers covering unfounded claims

Deliver confidence, build credibility and support investment.

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