Delivering a cost effective and safe solution to perform challenging Wind Turbine blade condition assessments is ScanPro’s core focus for the wind turbine industry.

The use of drones has proven to be a powerful tool for structural assessments. They not only keep inspection workers in safe territory, they deliver brilliant visual results within a small amount of time and at a fraction of the cost compared to manual methods. The average turbine blade assessment is completed within a 20 – 30min flight compared to over 2 hours using a rope access crew.

Conducting regular condition monitoring on turbine blades is very important in managing the assets health and expected energy yields. Failure to manage wear and tear on blades can significantly contribute to financial losses of 10 to 25% in lost productivity. These inefficiencies will accumulate over time if unattended. Due to the high cost of traditional rope access inspection methods present, ScanPro has developed a solution for the Australian wind turbine industry that provides great financial benefits and increases operational safety.

ScanPro is equipped to work alongside client engineering teams to accurately locate and pinpoint critical areas and POI’s. Custom data sets collected can be integrated into client GIS and this information is used to calculate the size and scale of repairs required.

Wind Turbine UAV Drone Inspection

The average turbine blade assessment is completed within a 20 – 30 minute flight compared to over 2 hours using a rope access crew.

Benefits delivered

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    Reduce Risk

    Zero risk of fall from heights during operations.

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    Save Money

    Drone operations are conducted at a fraction of the cost
    compare to traditional rope access technicians.

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    Fast Turnaround

    Fast turn around – On average 6 – 7 turbines inspected within a day.

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    350 Plus Images

    Over 350 high resolution images and infrared thermographic data captured per asset

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    Cloud based Data

    Easy to understand reports accessible via tablet or PC.

Actionable Reporting

ScanPro’s reports will help speed up repairs by guiding turbine blade technicians to the exact location where repairs are required. Visual data sets available to review in office or on in-field tablets allow engineers to organise and plan repairs prior to arriving on-site.

  • Structural integrity
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Delamination
  • Wear and tear markings
  • Impact and bird strikes

Cost Effective Condition Monitoring

ScanPro delivers a solution that makes it easy for engineers and structural assessors to carefully analyse and critic the condition of  blades. Based on their examination they can then diagnose if damage has been sustained and to what degree.

  • Blade Leading edge visual inspection
  • Blade Trailing edge visual inspection
  • Capturing a complete visual record of each blade
  • 3D modeling and mapping
  • Thermal imaging data of motor housing
  • Thermographic survey of turbine blades

Deliver confidence, build credibility and support investment.

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