ScanPro’s aerial thermographic service combines the use of aerial multi-rotor drone technology combined with onboard infrared thermal imaging sensors to collect visual images that directly correlate to the sites operating performance.

Value delivered

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    Reduce manpower

    ScanPro identified 60% more faults then O&M ground crews can achieve. This value is performed at a lower cost, with higher accuracy then all “boots on the ground” methods can provide.

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    Critical Performance

    Critical performance data captured and delivered within 14 days of site assessment.

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    Identify Problems

    A fusion of visual mapping and geo-referenced string and tracker numbering allows repair teams to easily identify problem areas.

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    Australia Wide

    Over 95% of Australia’s utility scale PV sites can benefit from ScanPro’s aerial thermographic data.

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    Save money

    The additional energy yields gained through an aerial IR assessment will cover the cost to provide the service. This should be comfortably recouped within 3 months of an optimized asset.

The data collected while flying over the solar farm is then uploaded onto a software platform that has been specially trained to identify a range of known electrical defects. Artificial intelligence image recognition is then used to sift through thousands of images and extract the location and anomaly type that requires closer attention by field technicians. This process is saving thousands of dollars for clients.

Aerial thermography is successfully addressing huge operating, maintenance and condition monitoring workloads for the solar industry. Its value, efficiency and accuracy is being recognised by all of the major solar firms, and it has become a regular procedure integrated into the yearly maintenance schedules and construction contracts.

Solar farms are known for covering vast areas, some are installed on land that is over 1000 hectares in size and it is highly likely we will see the size of these sun harnessing power generators grow even more. One of the biggest issues maintenance and construction teams have to manage on these sites is identifying the good from bad. Although relatively simple in structure, solar farms are an extremely repetitive design in nature. Rows upon rows of identical looking solar trackers can line the site and distinguishing the locations that might require attention from areas that don’t can be almost impossible by looking at them. These sites also become disorientating which complicates operations even more. This is where aerial thermography solves this problem.

Thermal imaging cameras have the ability to identify very small differences in temperature. Fortunately, the electrical industry has relied on thermography successfully for many decades and it works. The data collected using infrared thermography will identify the operating condition of the site. With so many photovoltaic solar panels functioning as they were designed to do, a faulty solar panel (module) stands out clearly when using infrared thermal imaging. Temperatures as small as +/-2°C will be easily visible using a thermal camera. Having this ability is a massive advantage for the solar industry. It means we can start to break down the troublesome areas into categories of severity. We can answer questions like, where to to go to first? Where are the most critical threats located? And address the more mild least threatening problems later. This ability is what delivers the solar industry value, reassurance and confidence.

Aerial thermography is answering the big performance related questions and delivering this data onto a digital online platform that is accurately guiding maintenance teams to the location of the problem, at times within 1 meter of the fault. This equates to massive savings in time wasted and loss of supply due to offline systems.

ScanPro’s aerial thermography services comply with all aspects of IEC TS 62446-3 and Australia’s CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations. We can supply high resolution data < 3cmGSD for detailed analysis or > 5cmGSD for Standard analysis.

ScanPro is a software platform holistic company. We do not hold any contractural obligations to host your data with one firm. We use our industry knowledge to present your data onto the best compatible platform to suit your needs.

Trusted service

ScanPro is Australia’s largest supplier of PV aerial thermographic inspections. With over 500 mega watts of aerial ops already completed and a further 3.5 giga watts in the pipeline we are helping guide Australia’s PV construction companies with a trusted source of actionable data. ScanPro has already reviewed over 1.4 million energised PV modules connected in the field across Australia.

Our work is conducted within IEC 62446-3 requirements and parameters and infrared level one and two certified operators always attend site. We have over 18 years experience in the electrical industry, over 9 years conducting infrared inspections and 8 years working in solar.

Aerial thermography has the ability to identify:

  • Bypass diode failure
  • Short circuits
  • Broken trackers
  • Vegetation overgrowth
  • Reverse polarity
  • Dislodged or loose panels
  • Junction box failure
  • Shading issues
  • Lightning strike damage
  • Smashed or broken PV modules
  • Potential Induced Degradation (PID)
  • Cell connection failure
  • Busbar and ribbon connection failure
  • High resistive joints
  • String connection ‘open circuit’
  • String and central inverter failure
  • Pollution accumulation

The value Aerial Thermography delivers to our clients:

  • De-risk the facility by identifying PV modules running outside of standard operating temperatures
  • Online and offline digital cloud based platform to access findings
  • Accurate findings – Reduce wastage from navigating around site
  • Easy to understand data presented in multiple formats including printable pdf
  • Filter on and off findings that are or not important to your operations
  • Professional documentation of work progress
  • Insurance warranty claim compatible – Custom data presented to meet OEM requirements.
  • Understanding of system health
  • Easy to share and view data between staff members
  • Internal operations note taking to track repair progress
  • Reduce risk of fire, failure and loss of supply
  • Track site health, easily identify trouble locations
  • Use of mobile app to guide you to anomalies
  • Compliance to testing requirements including IEC TS 62446-3
  • Certified and licensed electricians used to conduct inspection

Deliver confidence, build credibility and support investment.

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