ScanPro’s aerial thermographic service is tailored to Australia’s fast-growing utility scale solar industry. Aerial Thermography is the quickest and most cost-effective method of locating system performance issues and improving plant efficiency.

ScanPro can inspect an entire 100MW facility covering 200 hectares within 4 to 5 days. Aerial Thermography operations over 100% of the sites energised modules will reveal any previously hidden electrical connection anomalies, DC wiring failure and identify PV module manufacturing defects. All of the data captured and analysed is compiled into a report that helps engineers, project managers and site electricians to better understand where to best direct teams for critical repairs.

ScanPro’s reports educate EPC’s, asset owners and engineers with easy to understand findings and a clear breakdown of any PV system irregularities. Our reports display categorised anomalies presented from major to minor, this provides a clear overview of the different faults found and how wide spread they may be. Site engineers can use this information to get a deeper understanding of the scale and severity of electrical issues that may exist, including what has caused these problems and where exactly is the defect located.

ScanPro’s Aerial Thermography reports are focused on helping:

  • Eliminating performance losses

  • Locating electrical anomalies

  • De-risking asset infrastructure

  • Improving safety

  • Obtaining additional energy yield

  • Locating PV module failure

Trusted service

ScanPro is Australia’s largest supplier of PV aerial thermographic inspections. With over 500 mega watts of aerial ops already completed and a further 3.5 giga watts in the pipeline we are helping guide Australia’s PV construction companies with a trusted source of actionable data. ScanPro has already reviewed over 1.4 million energised PV modules connected in the field across Australia.

Our work is conducted within IEC 62446-3 requirements and parameters and infrared level one and two certified operators always attend site. We have over 18 years experience in the electrical industry, over 9 years conducting infrared inspections and 8 years working in solar.

Value delivered

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    Reduce manpower

    ScanPro identified 60% more faults then O&M ground crews can achieve. This value is performed at a lower cost, with higher accuracy then all “boots on the ground” methods can provide.

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    Critical Performance

    Critical performance data captured and delivered within 14 days of site assessment.

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    Identify Problems

    A fusion of visual mapping and geo-referenced string and tracker numbering allows repair teams to easily identify problem areas.

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    Australia Wide

    Over 95% of Australia’s utility scale PV sites can benefit from ScanPro’s aerial thermographic data.

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    Save money

    The additional energy yields gained through an aerial IR assessment will cover the cost to provide the service. This should be comfortably recouped within 3 months of an optimized asset.

What we look for and report on:

Drone captured infrared thermal imaging has proven itself to be a highly effective way of locating PV module flaws. ScanPro’s aerial thermography is non-evasive and no shut down of plant is required. Inspection work can be safely conducted while site operations are still active. There is no risk of exposure to live electrical equipment and no risk
of harm to field operators.

ScanPro’s method for monitoring utility scale PV sites covering vast areas can locate the following:

  • Bypass diode failure
  • Smashed or broken modules
  • Short circuits
  • Cell failure
  • Broken trackers
  • Potential Induced Degradation (PID)
  • Vegetation overhang
  • Lightning strike damage
  • Reverse Polarity
  • String wiring failure
  • Dislodged or loose panels
  • High resistive joints
  • Junction box failure
  • String and central inverter failure
  • Shading
  • Pollution buildup

Scanpro Aerial Thermography Solar

Deliver confidence, build credibility and support investment.

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