The Solar Industry

Condition Monitoring for the Solar Industry

ScanPro’s thermal imaging service enables businesses to detect faults and flaws with Photovoltaic solar technology and obtain maximum performance and running condition for their system.

Solar PanelsThis service would generally be combined with a thorough visual and performance based health check. ScanPro will provide a report on all findings and offer an approach to repair if required. This service allows us to identify manufacturing faults, panel failure and create a performance trending benchmark to compare off for future panel health inspections.

ScanPro’s panel scan service is a safe, non-destructive, approach to condition monitoring that is quick to carry out, with no shut down of power required. This service allows solar panel inspection to be conducted safely from the ground without putting any site staff, contractors or workers in danger.

Using drone technology and sophisticated analytics software we are able to capture all the required data quickly on site and then compile our report on all findings off site. ScanPro can also offer advice and assistance to repair and/or increasing system performance.

Installation and Maintenance for the Solar Industry

ScanPro has installed hundreds of solar power systems for clients over the past three years. We pride ourselves on quality installations that will outlast the toughest weather conditions and harsh environments.

We are proud to use only quality equipment that has a proven track record for reliability. We can install small to large scale solar for the domestic, commercial and small scale utility clients.

ScanPro also conducts scheduled comprehensive maintenance checks that are critical for ensuring the longevity and peak performance of a solar array. Our maintenance program covers everything from panel cleaning to compliance checks and power monitoring.

Why smart businesses are investingin ScanPro’s solar inspection services

  • Neglected solar systems can grossly underperform
  • Lost performance can go unnoticed, costing system owners lost production and/or dollars
  • Storm or cyclone damage could cause fire or failure
  • Solar panels age with time and require more regular maintenance and observation to ensure optimal performance
  • Identifying timely warranty claims for panel failure
  • Insurance companies may begin to see neglected solar systems as a threat to insured infrastructure, after a number of cases have caused losses
  • Condition monitoring is the best approach to increasing solar panel lifespan
  • Our service provides clients with a benchmarking tool to compare future performance against

Talking Technology

ScanPro uses the most accurate range of infrared sensors, drone technology and analysis software to locate faults & analyse findings.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or Drones have become a successful tool for the inspection of solar panels. Solar arrays are most commonly found installed on a roof and at dangerous heights and angles. The drone allows the operator to fly up over the building and see a live footage feed from the ground for a visual analysis or a more detailed thermal imaging analysis can be made.

Drones are also capable of covering more area in less time then a manual operation and this can be a huge benefit for ground installed utility scale solar farms that cover vast areas. Using UAVs allows ScanPro to provide a cost saving benefit for clients.

Using this approach also reduces the size of the operations team, meaning less labour charges and reduced risk of injury leading to reduced cost of our liability insurance.

Over the next few years new drone technologies will be released to commercial operators that will set new parameters with performance and automation.

All these developments combined will allow asset inspection across a range of industries to make the most out of commercial drone applications.

We use two different unique software systems to help capture and analyse our findings:


Pix4Dmapper has become a brilliant tool for mapping, stitching images and orthomosaics. This software allows us to map out the solar array, whether it is a small 10 or 20 panel installation or a solar farm of over 500,000 panels. This software allows us to pass visual images or infrared images onto clients for their GIS (Geographical Information System).

Pantopes solar farm software

This specifically designed software allows ScanPro to identify which panel has a fault and document the flaws (if any) onto a database. We can diagnose and add any important information under a number of different fields. This information is used to help a maintenance crew locate and then repair or monitor the problematic PV panel.

Sometimes we may be reporting on one panel mixed within a sea of panels. Reducing the time it takes for maintenance crew to locate this can reduce costs and frustration.

ScanPro are in the process of developing a fully automated system that could provide game-changing solar power monitoring services to clients around the world.

Additional Solar Services

In addition to their flagship solar panel condition monitoring and maintenance services,
ScanPro partners with a trusted network of consultants and field operators across Australia
to provide the following services:

  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Design