Advantages to Power Line Inspections

Distribution network operators and utilities are becoming more and more accepting of the idea of having a remotely controlled eye in the sky as a field ready tool. UAV’s hold many advantages and the applications are growing with the expanding leaps in technology that Drone manufactures are achieving.

Scope of Services

We have conducted many scans of electrical switchboards and transmission line connections. We also provide inspections of power poles for distribution networks and utilities. The service we provide helps in two ways, firstly by removing and reducing the risk of electrocution to field service teams. Secondly, it provides a new perspective of power pole condition monitoring.

UAV-powerlinePilot Control

With the use of highly trained skilled operators UAV’s armed with cameras and a thermal imaging payload we are capable of flying to the top of any sized pole or structure for a close inspection. Our UAV pilots remain safe on the ground and at distance to capture all the footage photos and data required by field maintenance crews.

Data Collection

The data collected is passed onto utilities and crews can be dispersed to areas of concern and know exactly what they’re are fixing, what it might look like and where it’s located. Having detailed photos or thermal images of power poles connections can reduce the time required to fix and provide the maintenance crew with an effective and safe approach to repair.

Increased safety

A linesman’s job is obviously a dangerous one and if they were to make a mistake, they may lose their life. So having the ability to locate potential dangers like cross-arm failure, corrosion, wood rot or termite invasion and high resistive joints all from the ground makes sense. Another benefit is the only potential negative outcome from the use of a UAV drone inspection is damaged equipment, which can always be repaired.

Some benefits of this service are:

  • Identify hazardous and high-risk locations on site
  • Improve site safety
  • Supply footage captured in real time
  • Aerial photography site and structures
  • Infrared moisture detection
  • Highlight areas that require attention
  • Help to increase production and streamline operational procedures
  • Document progress with detailed data
  • Reduce the risk of structural failure
  • Locate known equipment failure with greater efficiency
  • Provide real-time visual assistance during complex operations.

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