Aerial & Ground based condition monitoring
services tailored to the solar, wind and renewable industries needs.

Aerial & Ground based condition monitoring
services tailored to the solar, wind and renewable industries needs.

ScanPro’s highly effective aerial thermography and solar farm drone operations achieve
great results savings and collect valuable data for our clients

ScanPro Solar Drone

  • Over 20 Mega Watts of PV modules scanned per day, per crew.
  • Single crew can fully scan a 100MW solar farm within 4 days.
  • No shutdown required.
  • No impact to construction or O&M operations.
  • Data collected meets all IEC test parameters.
  • Quality detailed reports generated and delivered within 14 days.
  • Skilled drone pilots with electrical and solar background experience.
  • Over 18 years experience in electrical infrastructure & condition monitoring.
  • Over 8 years experience in Infrared thermal imaging analysis.
  • High performance Infrared sensors capable of locating single module and cell failure within a sea of thousands of PV modules.
  • Flexible and reliable crew capable of servicing the most remote sites across Australia.
  • Professional, proactive and detailed on-site Troubleshooting and fault finding module

ScanPro’s use of advanced camera technology like, Infrared and Electroluminescent imaging allows us to quickly characterise and identify installer mishaps, performance losses and manufacturing defects.

Our Solutions to the Solar Industry

Solar Services

Innovative solar condition monitoring with customer support second to none.

ScanPro’s thermal imaging service enables businesses to detect faults and flaws with Photovoltaic solar technology and obtain maximum performance and running condition for their system.

Solar Panels

ScanPro has identified four main areas where our aerial and ground based
inspection work can help Australia’s growing solar industry.

Quality Control

ScanPro’s work helps to identify issues that can compromise quality. We work with manufacturers and site operators to locate any potential underperformance. Financiers and
insurance are supported by detailed reporting which helps to mitigate risk.

Quality Assurance

ScanPro locates damage and defects linked to movements during material handling & transportation. Our testing methods can identify performance flaws originating from manufactures to mishandling operations during site construction.

PV Performance & Longevity

ScanPro’s reports will identify losses sustained due to the PV degradation and environmental impacts like hailstone strikes. We can identify micro cracking that is not visible during visual

Operations & Maintenance Procedures

Our work helps to form part of everyday O&M procedures. We can conduct annual or bi-annual scans of utility scale projects to build a health snapshot on PV module condition. Our condition monitoring methods can identify flaws that compound over time – high resistive joins, PID.

How ScanPro’s Aerial Thermography and
PV solar module drone inspection work?

  • Aerial Survey

    Aerial Survey

    Aerial Survey entire solar farm capturing Infrared  Thermali magery of Photovoltaic module condition – This may be donethrough multi-rotor or fixed wing drone technology.

  • Identify & Analyse

    Identify & Analyse

    Identify module defects and potential anomalies captured during flight. – All defects are recorded by ScanPro’s field operators on to site drawings for closer analysis.

  • Grund Based inspections

    Ground based inspection

    ScanPro will carry out a thorough ground based assessment of all modules located during aerial inspection using industrial grade Infrared thermal optics.

  • Data Recroding

    Data Recording

    Record data to database and confirm location of affected modules – Engineers drawings are used to highlight location. All affected PV modules are marked with coloured spot indicator for future easy reference and help maintenance crews

  • Off site analysis

    Offsite Analysis

    Off site analysis begins – ScanPro’s engineers begin constructing analysis and report.

  • Report Compiled & Delivered

    Report Compilation

    Report compiled and delivered to client – Within 14 days of completing aerial solar farm scan, report and data captured during inspection is delivered to client.

Our Capabilities

  • Electrical testing
  • LiDAR point cloud modeling
  • Aerial drone data acquisition
  • Asset inspection
  • Quality control testing
  • NDT requirements
  • Condition monitoring
  • Digital twins and digitisation services
  • Data on demand
  • Drone-in-a-box

Our Work

ScanPro has completed work on 32 different assets covering over 3.5 gigawatts worth of renewable energy. We have helped our clients across Australia in rural and remote areas.

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