ScanPro use VTOL (vertical take off and landing) multirotor drones to achieve our results. This service allows us to launch from many locations even with limited space. We can inspect large scale industrial and commercial roofs and smaller hard to reach locations with limited roof access. We are capable of achieving these results from the quality cameras on board and the distance that we can get to our target. By using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle we can observe areas of concern or view the rooftop from a distance. Having this capability, gives our clients a chance of identify defects or areas of concern without putting anyones life in danger.

Falling from height is the most common cause of death and injury for construction workers and workers involved in maintenance.  Falls also account to the highest percentage of all injuries and fatalities incurred in the work place.  At ScanPro we are working towards a way of solving and mitigating this risk. The results that we can capture can help to reduce the time a worker may require to perform inspections, maintenance or repairs on structures or equipment at heights that are deemed dangerous. By providing maintenance and technician teams with detailed aerial imagery ScanPro can identify the source of the problem or location and analysis from the ground before commencing works.

ScanPro’s aerial inspection service will lead to less time working at heights, reduced risk through identification and reduce costs during operations. There are a wide range of tasks that could be undertaken by UAVs and the cost savings are greatly beneficial.

Some benefits from our aerial photography and video service

  • Provide a safe work place by limiting risk of fall during rooftop inspection.Reduce the cost of estimating and assessments.
  • All results are geotagged.
  • Our operators can perform work and remain safe on the ground.
  • We can provide infrared thermal imaging to help locate leaks and moisture.
  • We can create a fast non intrusive service that yields great efficient results
  •  Our service will speed up the assessors and estimators process.
  • Remove the need for estimators and assessors to attend sites.
  • Create high detailed photography and video documentary.
  • Save significant costs incurred from scissor lift or cherry picker hire.

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