We are capable of capturing instant live aerial video footage or aerial photography of damaged or dangerous infrastructure.

This aerial footage can help to identify buildings structural integrity, the extent of damage after storms or provide visual documentation for reports during insurance claim investigations.

There are many reasons why the use of a multirotor UAV during a visual inspection of a property can help insurance assessors. ScanPro can reach positions that would normally be hard to reach. We can obtain footage or photographs from previously unseen angles that will help define the overall damage. We can remove the need to hire abseiling crew to scale down structures. This assistance combine helps to gather better data at a reduced cost.

ScanPro is providing inspections Australia-wide and can respond to immediate assistance if required. We are happy to provide assistance at emergency and short notice projects. Our UAV equipment is easily transportable and can be setup and in the air within 5 minutes.

The benefits of ScanPro’s Insurance Assessment Assistance Drone service:

  • Footage captured can help to build strong understanding during site investigations.
  • Detailed high resolution imagery for documentation.
  • View angles of structures that where once unachievable or dangerous to reach.
  • Get a better perspective of scale of damage at site.
  • Cost efficient service over use of manned aircraft.
  • Competitive free quotes available.
  • Results available instantly.

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