The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones during construction on civil sites and building sites is a new innovative approach that can identify better work practices, highlight safety issues and provide a new perspective to project management. Our drone operators can hover and fly over small and large-scale civil sites to identify issues during building phases. Using our innovative infrared equipment ScanPro can expertly detect moisture or heat issues.

Unique Service

UAV-construction-pageScanPro is offering unique services to encourage WHS officers, engineers, site foremen, construction management teams and project managers to make the most out of the detailed data from our low cost aerial operations. With the use of multirotor drones we are capable of flying over building sites to highlight a number of points of interest, providing a low-cost, eye in the sky.

Footage and photography captured is supplied to project management teams to view and document builds. We are skilled at hovering over areas of concern to capture detailed photography, geotagged high res and HD or 4k video footage.

All footage and images are supplied within 24 hours, ScanPro can also provide footage in real-time feed to assist engineers, riggers and crane operators.

Some of the benefits of this service are:

  • Real-Time capture and supply of footage
  • Aerial photography site and structures
  • Infrared moisture detection and water leaks
  • Measure temperature accurately with thermal imaging
  • Aerial footage for project managers involved in high-rise and large builds
  • Identify hazardous and high risk locations on site
  • Enhance construction processes
  • Improve site safety
  • Improve efficiency before and during construction on large scale projects
  • Help to increase production and streamline progress
  • Enable management to view different perspective of projects
  • Highlight progress or areas that require attention
  • Monitor stockpile and equipment location
  • Images and footage to document evidence throughout your build
  • Identical flight path can be flown over project as many times as required
  • Risk management identification
  • Observe and identify areas of concern
  • Provide visual assistance during complex crane lifts

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