ScanPro can provide consultation on the positioning and location of Infrared thermal imaging inspection windows to be installed on dangerous distribution boards.

IR windows provide increased safety for thermographers during thermal inspections of electrical apparatus. These windows can be a very useful investment when added to important high usage distribution boards or boards powering sensitive infrastructure that require regular inspections. Main switchboards in hospitals, airports and military and government facilities can all take advantage of this easy to install accessory used by maintenance teams.

The IR window is securely fastened onto the steel doors of any known areas of switchboards that pose an increased threat to electricians during thermal inspections. The IR window allows the thermographer to asses and diagnose the internal connections of a high amperage building main switch or sub-main switch without needing to open the door.

The IR window will not reduce the integrity of the board and keeps a safe barrier between electricity and electrician. The use of these windows can help to increase safety, reduce technicians potential exposure to arch flash and electrocution.

With the use of IR windows, thermal imaging can be utilised on perviously no-go areas at anytime of the day without a planned shutdown. This simple device can help increase  reliability on important infrastructure.

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