ScanPro’s findings can help to run a more reliable network. Servers and Data centers consume large amounts of electricity and create huge amounts of heat. This equipment is expected to always remain online and reliable even through the most demanding time of the day. ScanPro can locate areas of concern and assist contractors to create even airflow distribution and effective cooling.

Thermal Scan Data Centre

With the use of a thermal imaging survey we can pin point areas throughout data centers that are ineffectively being cooled. Some unforeseen areas may be traps where heat accumulates and can lead to problems. Infrared thermal imaging will identify these heating issues.

Servers & data centers generally contain of hundreds or thousands of servers and routers, and many other telecommunications gear along with cooling gear. It is essential for hundreds of business and utilities that this equipment is continually in operation and threats of over heating are managed.

Some data centers have known to be over cooled. This can lead to huge amounts of wasted electricity and equipment failure.

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